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15 October 2013 @ 07:27 pm
Chewy and Sweet: Bugis Cake

This one is made from black glutinous rice flour.
Text & Photo by Mega / mar_coon_ah
Translated by Ellen / ichnelle

Somehow the cake is given the same name as the name of one of the tribes in Makassar: Bugis. This cake is often present in a celebration event.

Basically Bugis cake is made from glutinous rice flour (white or black ones) then filled with ‘enten kelapa‘ (grated coconut cooked with brown sugar or white sugar), then wrapped inside banana leaves before it is steamed. The chewy dough mixed with the sugary flavor of sugar melted from the inside, plus the savory taste coming from the rough texture of the grated coconut. Hmmm, yumm!

Bugis cake made from white glutinous rice flour is usually given another color such as green, however I prefer the one made of black glutinous rice flour. What about you?

18 August 2013 @ 12:51 am
Note: On a week-long trip last January, with Ega as companion for half of the trip, I managed to taste some famous javanese culinaries---which I can vouch---tasted really, really good! What were they? Read on..

Can you see the 'gandul' effect on the plate?

Nasi Gandul, Too Good To Pass On
Photos and text: Ellen / ichnelle

Rice served on a plate covered with fresh banana leaf, then smothered with soy-sauced coconut milk soup and sprinkled with shredded beef or the innards, added on crispy fried onions. It tasted was sweet and savory. That is Nasi Gandul or Gandul Rice for you, a signature food from Pati, Central Java. From the looks of it, you may think Nasi Gandul like stews or goulash meat, but it has a different bite. For me, it's more savory and preferable since the soup itself is not so thick.

The name 'gandul' was coming from the way the sellers market it earlier. A bamboo stick is used to carry the nasi gandul necessities. A basket of rice will be hung on one end of the bamboo, and at the other end is a pot of soup. The sellers balanced them on their shoulder. You may want to picture it like a traditional weight scale or the one symbolizing the scale-of-justice. Since the properties look like it's hanging on the bamboo, hence the name 'gandul', which has a meaning 'hanging'.

There is another theory about it that I have read somewhere around the web, which is since the plate has a banana leaf on, the soup looks like it's hanging above the plate, thus the name Nasi Gandul.

Anyway, Nasi Gandul is a highly recommended food. One of the best javanese culinaries, I have ever had so far. Where to go? I only know one place in Semarang, Central Java, which is Nasi Gandul Pak Subur at Jalan Dr. Cipto, Semarang Timur. When you visit Semarang, other than Lumpia, please have Nasi Gandul, too!

Ellen's Note:
If you guys know other eateries that sell this maximum delicious food, especially around Jakarta, do recommend it to me. I am craving for it since ever.. man, such delicious food Nasi Gandul is!

Note: On a week-long trip last January, with Ega as companion for half of the trip, I managed to taste some famous javanese culinaries---which I can vouch---tasted really, really good! I wanted to share some information I dug around the internet about them under the tag javanese culinary. First, let's start with Lumpia.

Which one will you have for a munch?

Lumpia Semarang - A snack with history.
Photos and text: Ellen / ichnelle

It is known as one of the signature snacks from Semarang. Originated from Chinese snacks known by the name loenpia (or lunpia), the then-spelled-as-lumpia-by-Indonesian-tongue is similar to spring rolls or roulade. If there are differences between the origin lumpia and the one we found nowadays, they most likely lie in the spices and the filling.

The main ingredient for lumpia wrappers or popiah skins is wheat flour, while for the filling are tiny slices of seasoned bamboo shoots, variant of vegetables such as bean sprouts, dried shrimps, minced chicken or seafood (prawns), and scrambled eggs all mixed together.

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Badeg: A Drink with Fermented Bite

Yummo for hot days!
Text & Photo: Ellen / ichnelle

Badeg, as known in several parts in the middle and eastern part of Java island, or more known as Lahang in the western part of Java island, is a traditional drink mainly made from the sugary juice tapped from Arenga sugar palm. The fresh sap then is processed then kept inside bamboo tubes, or bumbung, and served in a glass or plastic bag. Adding ice cubes for a cooler sensation is optional, although very much preferable for me.
The taste is not as sugary sweet as I think it would be and there's also a fermented bite on it.Collapse )

Let's get lost in Passer Baroe!

Passer Baroe is a hectic street!
Text & Photo: Ellen / ichnelle

Passer Baroe or Pasar Baru is located at Kecamatan Sawah Besar, Jakarta Pusat. It has been a popular shopping district ever since the era of Dutch colonialism (and nowadays can also be an alternative escape from the mall!); as stated on the gate, it has been there since 1820, and thus earned the acknowledgment as the oldest shopping district in Jakarta.

In the earlier time, it was said that only elites and riches shopped here, but then now we can see the diversity in the visitors and customers of Passer Baroe. The architecture of the place also said to be influenced by Chinese and Europe cultures, but not from what I saw; probably since most of the place has been renovated or is in renovation to acquire a modern look. However, yes, there were remnants from the past that can be seen from the high-ceiling and wide-front-display almost all the stores have.

What can we find there? Hmmm, a lot; mostly the stores are selling textiles for gown or kebaya, shoes, optics, various fashion accessories, toys, mouth-watering street snacks, etc. There was also one store, about in the middle of the street, which sell assorted things, such as wall-stickers, PSY-doll, and many random and mundane things. Oh, right, you can also find sellers of antique money: old banknotes and coins. Their customers were usually antique money collectors or bridegrooms who needed antique money as their dowries. Passer Baroe also known to have discounts from 20-70%, and apart from that fact, the stores already offered a relatively cheap prices for their good-in-quality commodities.

So, won't you get lost in Passer Baroe too?

Note: See my full-review of getting lost in Passer Baroe here.